Thursday, February 28, 2013

2014 FIFA WORLD CUP - Comes to Mongaguá City and rent a room!

Rent a room in downtown of the Mongagua city - It's much more cheap you can image!

When you'll come to Brazil,  rent a room in a house. Located near 100 kilometers from Sao Paulo city, we offer  confortable rooms with bed and ventilator in a house close 100 meters of the beach and center area of Mongagua city. The house for rooms rental has acomodation to maximum of 25 persons.

See the costs according the number of guests occupying the same room:

Room for individual   R$120,00 or  USD 66,50
Room for 2 persons  R$150,00  or USD 83,50
Room for 3 persons  R$180,00  or USD100,00
Room for 4 persons  R$220,00  or USD122,50
Room for 5 persons  R$250,00  or USD139,00
Room for 6 persons  R$270,00  or USD150,00
Room for 7 persons  R$315,00  or USD175,00
Room for 8 persons  R$360,00  or USD200,00

Further information: Hermes Machado

(+55) 13 3448-1180 - Mongagua city - SP - Brazil